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PBS - Blues series


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Originally posted by Wally Malone:

Saw a great video clip of Booker T & the MG's on the Blues Series last night. It was amazing watching Duck at such a young age. He was working that line. :thu:



This post by Wally reminded me to start something on this series. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and look up when your local PBS station will air it next. Absolutely brilliant stuff. It's a history of the blues. It is good.
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I loved half of the series and was bored by another half....on the other hand, I have a pretty big collection of Delta blues records and have seen many of the performers who were featured perform live.


It is definitely worth watching. There have been some riveting performances in the middle of tons of history and pseudo-history.

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I saw a chunk of the film that talked about how 60's British bands revitalized the American Blues scene. I have much more knowledge of the British covers than the original blues masters (though I'm learning).


It was interesting that bands (the Rolling Stones were mentioned) came over to the US saying that people like Muddy Waters were critical influences, and the American public was like "who?". BB King thanked the Brits for making it possible for the classic blues guys to sell records and be appreciated....




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Been watching every night when I get back from rehearsals/recording sessions.


Love it.


BB King... amazing.

Howlin' Wolf.... Inspirational

Muddy... astounding.

Son House.. just mind-boggling.


My wife and I have been falling asleep watching every night.



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