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How do you do that?


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Slap the strings with your left hand. You want to hit the strings but you don't want them to hit the fingerboard. This is a very controlled sharp left hand motion which stops dead at the strings.

When you finish your hand should be resting on the strings, in the same way that it would be resting on the strings if you were muting all of them.


Try practicing alternating left hand and right hand slaps.


Work up to paradiddles and you'll have it.


(a paradiddle is a drum rudiment which goes:


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The main thing is with left hand slap is power and control. It takes a good bit of force to get the right sound out of the string and the right amount of control to stop it on time. it jsut takes practice kind of like the open, hammer, pluck.
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Originally posted by iwishiwereflea:

I was trying to learn can't stop by RHCP when i saw a left hand slap.

AFAIK Flea doesn't do left hand slaps - however I'm not saying that it's not a good technique to learn and even apply in this case. He relys entirely on having a very fast right hand to get those fast percussive bursts, a left hand slap just wouldn't be loud enough compared to his heavy right hand attack.



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Oh, left hand slaps are much fun!!! It usually happens for me quite easily, actually. I don't really mean to do it, but I have a very strong left hand technique that allows me to merely pluck the strings and the quick motion of my fingers makes it slap down. It's kind of hard to explain without a visual. I also slap without doing anything at all to slap...I'm just playing, but the strings are flying with such force that they slap the frets...pretty cool sounding, really.
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