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Thank You - UPDATE


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I am often amused by lifes little twists and turns.


I have recently been diagnosed with a malignant tumor in a salivary gland on the right side of my face. The doctors have been conducting various tests on me over the last few weeks in order to determine the severity; they range from serious to life threatening. Needless to say, this has been a rather anxious time for me. Thursday I met with my doctor, some more test results had come in, and I was finally able to get some good news! It seems that the tumor is localized, from what they have been able to determine, it has neither metastasized nor invaded the bone or lymph glands. So that seems to put it in the merely serious category. Due to its location it will require a large incision and there is a high probability that in order to remove all of it some of the nerve fibers may have to be severed. This will result in the loss of some control of the smile muscles on that side but, oh well, it could be worse! I will be going into the hospital for surgery sometime next week. After I heal from this I will have to follow-up with some radiation treatments, but the doctor expects me to make a full recovery. :thu:


I am not sharing this with all of you in order to garner sympathy and in fact I had at first resolved to involve only family and close friends. I find it very difficult to discuss such personal matters at all, much less on a public forum! I have been procrastinating for hours over posting this. However, this situation has had a profound effect on me and I have spent a great deal of time in contemplation. One of the things that I have come to realize is how often we fail to express our appreciation of others. This has led me to write this post.


I have been playing bass since I was 13 years old. I played actively until about ten years ago when I became frustrated with the trials and tribulations associated with trying to make it in the biz, complicated with the responsibilities of supporting a family. I decided to put my family first (and still do) and the music aside. I would practice occasionally but did not play in bands and my skills languished. However, a few years ago I realized that I really missed playing and I began to practice seriously once again. I am now playing in a band and we will be performing live sometime soon (I hope.gosh these jazz tunes are chop busters!).


Several months ago I discovered this forum. I lurked about for several weeks before signing up and introducing myself. You all welcomed me right in (Jeremy didnt even flame me once!). You all have had a tremendous impact on me as a musician. By reading your posts and interacting with you I have come to have a deeper appreciation for my instrument. I have been inspired to practice harder and expand my knowledge of bass and music (Im finally learning to read!). I have personally benefited from the knowledge our fine teachers here have shared with all of us. I have been thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute what knowledge and opinions I have. Many of you have personalities that come through so strong in your posts that I feel that I know you even though we have never met! I am really looking forward to the chance to meet some you in person. I have been to other bass forums but this is the only one that feels like home. Im glad you folks are here!


So, I am looking forward to getting past this situation and back to business as normal. There are whole sets of tunes Ive got to learn and G.A.S pains to alleviate. The cool thing is Ill get a few weeks off work to sit around the house, play bass and hang out with you folks!


Groove on my friends! :thu:


********** UPDATE************


Well friends, it's been a year since all this and reading through these posts has been a strange kind of timecapsule experience!You all really helped me through a rough time and I will always be grateful.


I had my first CT scan a few weeks ago and the results are negative! :cool: I am still cancer-free!They will CT me again in 6 months to compare but so far-so good.One year down and counting! :D


So to all of you once again,



Nothing is as it seems but everything is exactly what it is - B. Banzai


Life is what happens while you are busy playing in bands.

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Best wishes and prayers for a rapid recovery.


Kinda weird place to get the cancer, ain't it? Anyway, great news that it has stayed put.


Ya know, there's just something about bass players that make a community grand.


Good Luck

"Let's raise the level of this conversation" -- Jeremy Cohen, in the Picasso Thread.


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Wow, I am so happy to see you seeing things as half full and not half empty. That is really awesome. And, I really don't know you, but it is awesome to see you step outside your comfort zone and talk about this, and giving the totally perfect ending to my day. That shows me that you really care, and it's a great feeling. Thank YOU, you're awesome! :thu:



Still working on it...

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Dear BassHappi, :wave:


You have my total empathy for what you are going through, as I come from a family who gets cancer and beats cancer on a seemingly regular basis!


I am soooo glad that you shared this with us, because "talking about it" does seem to ease the grip of anxiety that this kind of stuff causes.


Have you been using the fantastic tool of the Internet to do some research about your condition and your treatment options?


Best of luck for a quick and efficient recovery. I just sent a giant bunch of positive healing energies through cyberspace to you! (People around me say I have good Karma!) :D


Please let us know how you are, when you are feeling ready to. :)


... connie z

"Change comes from within." - Jeremy Cohen


The definition of LUCK: When Preparation meets Opportunity!



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Good luck Basshappi, hopefully everything goes well and you'll make a quick recovery. :thu:


I have to tell you that I really admire your attitude towards life, as even in such troubled times you're able to see the positive side of things, thanks for that, mate! :)



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I have kind of the same relationship with this forum, and mostly for the same reasons. Before I knew this forum, I never gave any credance to the idea of of an on-line community. But now, geez, sometimes I surprise myself by thinking : well I wonder how X's or Y's thing (gig,recording session, band conflict, etc)turned out, let's go and check that out...


Be sure that I really wish you the best of luck and that I will be interested to know how you are doing after your surgery.

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Good luck basshappi. I hope everything comes out OK. (the tumor that is :D ) I hope you make a speedy recovery. (wait, but then you might not have off work that much... :D )


Best Wishes,


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Originally posted by basshappi:

Im glad you folks are here!

And likewise, We are glad to have your very positive attitude with us!! :thu:

You personally welcomed me when I joined the LDL and I thank you. You ALWAYS have a positive message when you post and I thank you. You WILL get thru this and continue to be our Low Frequency Brother and I will be thankful for that! :thu:

We are with you Bro!

- Jon


You have the right to remain in the groove, any solos cannot be used against you, you have the right to snap and pop, if you cannot snap and pop, two fingers can provide the funk just fine.


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And I'll just echo CupMcMali.


Best of luck, basshappi. You'll be in my thoughts & prayers.

**Standard Disclaimer** Ya gotta watch da Ouizel, as he often posts complete and utter BS. In this case however, He just might be right. Eagles may soar, but Ouizels don't get sucked into jet engines.
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Best wishes and hopes for a rapid and complete recovery. I know more people than I could wish who have similar experiences recently, 3 in particular (2 former colleagues from a department of 20 people, and a former bandmate (sax)). All have had treatment and are now back leading normal lives. I hope you will be able to say the same very soon.
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Basshappi, my prayers are with you through this ordeal. Attitude is a really important part of the equation when dealing with situations such as this. You're attitude is great, don't lose it. Playing your bass during the recovery is one of the best forms of medicine.



I have basses to play, places to be and good music to make!
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You did the right thing by expressing your thoughts to this forum. What your are going through runs in my family, haven't been there personally but have been close to it. You have a positive attitude and that is the key. Know that there are others out here that support you and are as positive as you, with the knowledge that reaching out is part of the healing process.
Donnie Peterson
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Sometimes it's easier to "talk" on the forum, because you don't have to actually face us. And while we're here for bass, we are a community of people - a pretty nice one at that. So we're here for you as best we can be.


My prayers are with you.




Acoustic Color


Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground. - Theodore Roosevelt

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It's all about a positive attitude. I have a friend who was diagnosed with tongue cancer. She doesn't smoke, chew, anything. It was wierd. She had to go through a lot of stuff. Many people were there for her and I know that it made the difference in her case. I bet it will in yours as well.
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It seems like the unspoken rule around here is that anyone with a good attitude and a love of music is welcome in this forum, and you've certainly got both of those in spades.


As to your personal condition, I pray that the surgeons will be focused, that your body will be strong, and that you will weather the effects of this malady as best you can. We're looking forward to hearing a positive post-op prognosis soon. :)

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