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Gallien Kruger Diesel Dawg pedal

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Originally posted by dcr:

Apologies. People DO say useful things here. They also tend to goof off at times, just to keep things loose & friendly. To show goodwill, I'll post a link to the only user review I could find:




Good luck.



You wimp! This could have turned into a perfectly useless flame-war.


You... you... silly MATURE man! Damn you! :D



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The August 2001 BP magazine has a mini-"shoot-out" of bass fuzz/distortion pedals. They have some comments about the Diesel Dawg. They seemed to like it okay, but preferred a couple of others (like the Fulltone pedal and EBS MultiDrive) Maybe you'll be able to track down that back issue.


I haven't played the GK DD myself, but I do dig my SansAmp Bass Driver DI for overdrive.


Also, because of a recent thread I'm finding myself very curious about what sounds like a balls-to-the-walls bass distortion box (albeit very expensive) -- the Z. Vex Woolly Mammoth (thanks, CMDN, for turning me on to this... :rolleyes::D ).





Fanboy? Why, yes! Nordstrand Pickups and Guitars.

Messiaen knew how to parlay the funk.

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By the way I was only joking around when I said no one ever says anything worthwhile on this board. But yeah I've been hearing great things about the Woolly Mammoth Pedal but for $275 it better be massive sounding. When I heard the Fullerton Pedal on the website, even with the gain at 10 it didnt sound very distorted to me at all. Thanks for the review on the Gallien Kruger pedal, but that is also the only review I could find when I looked for it. If anyone else has heard one let me know. Thanks.
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