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I met Tom Capasso


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I had the oppurtunity to meet Tom Capasso at Sam Ash in New Haven, Ct. It was a great time. We played a few basses and talked a bit. I had to come clean and admit that I am more of a guitarist than a bassist. I do play bass in a band I am in, but I have a tendency to "guitarize" :eek: my bass lines.


Tom encouraged me to play a peavey 5 string. It was a sweet bass. Nice sound, and great playability. I also tried a music man. I now understand why those who play them, love them. I also played a Fender Jazz.


A father and son came to look at some basses, and Tom was helping them out and giving advice. :thu:


My only regret was I couldn't stay longer. Otherwise, besides meeting one of our moderators, who is a great guy, I got to play some thousand dollar basses and walk out with two instrument cables for eight dollars :D .

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Originally posted by JLsound:

I had the opportunity to meet Tom Capasso at Sam Ash in New Haven, Ct. ...


A father and son came to look at some basses, and Tom was helping them out and giving advice. :thu:


I'm sorry...for you and for the father and son. :(





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Jim - thanks - it was great to meet you as well.


Even though he's "more of a guitarist" (you could tell by some of the tasty licks he played), I had a great time. Jim looks very smooth on the fretboard. Were you always that cool, or is it just since you picked up a bass? :P:P


The Peavey I loved was a Cirrus 5. It had an oil finish (I prefer the harder stuff), but played like a dream. I tried a Sterling as well - so smooth!! And I also walked out with 2 20' cables for $8.


This is just another example of what I've been learning. Bassists (and musicians in general) can be cool people !! All of the people I've met through this board have cool - I've enjoyed it so much. And with this job that has me traveling, it's expanded my range. JLSound and 74pbass live in CT, and I might not have been able to meet them if not for the job. My next assignment may be Princeton NJ, which should open up some more opportunities.....if it happens.


As to the father and son, I felt compelled to stick my two cents in, since they had no idea what to look at and the store guy wasn't explaining anything. Jim and I made sure we handed over a cable whenever they wanted to try a bass. The kid was playing guitar and not too into it, and the jazz band at school needed a bassist, so he was switching over. I asked the store guy a few well-placed questions to ascertain that he didn't want to help out very much. They ended up with an Ibanez "pack" - the bass in that was pretty good, and on the small side (the guy was middle school age).


Hey Jim - I also talked a guy out of buying a cheapo PA system (the one my band owns :freak: ). He bought a slightly better model, so it worked out for the store as well...




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I forgot to mention, you played some great lines. How about that Munsters theme?


I was telling Tom that my band has a Holloween gig, and that the band was kicking around the idea of some Holloween songs. The Munsters theme would be a fun thing to do, and Tom, did you just figure it out then? It was right on. :thu:


I recommend forumites meeting.

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