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No, seriously, that's TOO MUCH GEAR!


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Just came across this pic on eBay:




How many cases do you make out there? I think I got 19. This guy's friends need to intervene. No, really.


Or maybe he just collects cases... :freak:

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i count 20, probably more cuz of the ones that are almost hidden behind the others, there is probably a whole other row back there :freak::eek:
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You should have seen Mike Lull's personal collection before he sold 95% of it. He had something like 30 basses, most were pre-1970. I would have killed for one of his THREE Rickenbackers; a 1958 and two 1959's. I at least got to play them all. :thu:
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Originally posted by rockinredneck69:

Makes ya wonder if the pic was taken in a music store... :D

..."NO ONE TOLD YOU when to run, you missed the starting gun." Sorry, but..
"Dreamer easy in the chair that really fits you.."
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Originally posted by Matt W:

That looks like Dave Pomeroy\'s place before he set up for his photo shoot.


I thought about that too, but I didn't know that Dave had a Jazz like the one pictured (and it's not in the picture you referenced)

Dave Martin

Java Jive Studio

Nashville, TN



Cuppa Joe Records


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