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Led Zeppelin


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Originally posted by SteveC:

Someone beat me to adding RUSH to this. My g/f hates Geddy's voice. She likes the music , but can't get past his voice. That goes for some of my male friends, too.


My sisters on the other hand, love RUSH. Go figure?

K, here's a thought...what if RUSH had a female singer. Geddy's half way there already! It would eliminate the "He sounds like a girl who can't sing" or "Screechy" argument! I've played ONCE with a woman who actually KNEW a RUSH tune, (can 'yall belive it, it was "Red Barchetta"!!) and it was about the most inspired time I've ever jammed that one! (I DIDN"T HAVE TO BLOW MY OWN VOICE !!!)
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Oh, I had at least one lady friend in high school who would qualify as a Zeppelin fan, in a big way. Back then, I was just a singer, having not even picked up a bass yet, and I was telling a guitarist friend of mine about how much I admired Robert Plant. I asked him what musical hero of his that he'd most like to be. He said, "George Lynch. [Remember, this was 1989.] What about you?" I said, "Robert Plant, man. If I had his look, if I could sing like him, and from what I hear, if I could f**k like him..." We both broke up laughing.


About that time, my choirmate H**** (name hidden to protect the guilty) came walking by and overheard the last part. I said, "Hey, H****, who would you most like to be?" She wheeled around, dropped her head a bit, shot me the most deliciously tarty look I've ever seen on a woman's face, and purred, "I'd like to be whoever Robert Plant f****d best." :eek: We just DIED.


So yeah, Led Zeppelin has its share of lady fans. :thu:

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Okay, I'll probably get slaughtered for this, but..


I think most non-musician women are more interested in what the band looks like than how the band sounds. Just look at the way pop/rock is marketed to girls. Justin Timberlake, anybody? Face it - even the girl singers looks are marketed to girls. What percentage of Britney Spears' CD sales were to men/boys? Not many, I imagine.


Remember Milli Vanilli? I'm convinced that all those people who demanded refunds (after the lip-sync scandal) were girls who bought the record simply because "They're sooooo cuuuuuute!" Think about it - the fact that the music was not actually performed by the guys you thought doesn't change the quality of the music! If you honestly thought the music was good, who cares who really sang it? I mean... would you take a videotape back to the store for a refund because you found out that Ben Affleck isn't really Daredevil?


Men tend to just care what the music sounds like.


Interesting that Rush got their big break when a female DJ in Cleveland gave them airplay :D

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My wife isn't into what the bands look like (shame on you Rik). She has a her own taste in music, and progressive or hard stuff isn't for her.


When we met, my taste was pretty limited. Over the years, I've come to appreciate music that I didn't bother with before - like Motown, 50s, etc. My wife likes fun music, and loves Motown and lots of 60's stuff. She also likes the earlier Elvis Costello albums.


I don't know about Zep, but I'd guess that in general she's not a fan.


As to who is right in a marriage, I've learned to "ask no quarter"




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