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is this a '69 p-bass?


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just from the looks of this, can anyone rule/rule out this being a '69 p-bass body?




im getting a really good deal on it if i choose to get it but im not sure if it'll work. the seller says that the previous owner claimed it was a 69. he's selling it cause its really heavy, if that is another thing to help define it being for real or not.


oh, and the jazz pu route was done by the previous owner.

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More likely than not...


But I hope you're not planning on paying big bucks for it.


Cutting the jazz pickup hole into it significantly lowered the price.


Besides, '69 is not pre-CBS.


Beautiful aged butterscotch finish, though.


Did the bass that this was part of sound great?


Do you have a vintage neck? Vintage pickups? Vintage hardware? It's going to cost you a pretty penny for a complete restoration.


Then what?


Unless he's virtually giving it to you, I wouldn't bother.

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yea what jeremy said.


I wouldnt buy it unless it was for under $100.


I'd rather make a new bass. The body isnt what really makes a vintage bass sound vintage. It may look and actually be vintage, but I think the neck and p'ups are what the sound really come from.

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There's a book called "How the Fender Bass Changed the World" or something like that - it has everything you would ever need to know about dating Fender Instruments...


They prefer red wine and slow dancing. :D


It looks like there is a scribble in the neck pocket... that may be the manufacture date.


I see screw holes for the appropriate pickup cover, bridge cover, and thumb rest...


And frankly, once the bass is disassembled, IMHOP it is no longer vintage anything, other than a bass body with a nice patina.

- Matt W.
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Not only the has the jazz pickup route been added but the control cavity has been opened up as well. Nice body though. It would look nice with a maple fretboard neck and a tortise shell PG. Old wood does sound nice, bodies do contribute to the overall tone. I'd give no more than $150 for it.

- Jon


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