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Stick/Warr/Touch guitar?


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I was just wondering if anyone here owns/plays/played a Chapman Stick, Warr Guitar, or any other sort of touch bass/guitar instrument. I've become intensely interesting in these instruments because of Tony Levin and Trey Gunn on King Crimson's Deja VROOOM DVD. I'd just like to know what playing it is like, what tunings can be used... anything interesting! Any replies would be much appreciated! Thanks.
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Check out this website:

Mobius Megatar


This is the most affordable of the instruments of the type.


I wrote the preface for the instruction book (which can be found on the website)--it's free.


I have no commercial interest in this company and I gave back the loaner which they gave me.

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Also check out this article, by touchstyle player Jim Wright:

Nylon Strings and Touchstyle Instruments


He additionally discusses non-crossed tunings (instead of the carpal-tunnel punishing, "center-out" bass-string tuning that Chapman devised for the Stick) - I'm not a touchstyle player myself, but just watching any traditionally-tuned Stick player's left wrist makes it painfully clear what JW's talking about. :freak:

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