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Advice on idea for an interesting rig setup


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I hada crazy idea the other day...I have an amp modeling unit (korg pandora) that I play through all the time and I love the different sounds and textures I can get (although IMHO its somewhat of a mediocre unit). Since, like most players, I'm constantly wondering how I can improve my rig, I had a strange idea.


What if I used a line 6 bass POD (since I was considering getting one...one of the new xt :) as my preamp and then bought a power amp to power it through my cab.


Would a multi-effect unit/modeler like that work as a preamp? And if so does is it a good idea? That way I could get all the sounds I want and it would be a lot cheaper than buying a nice head or preamp/power amp combination.

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I had that type of rig once. I used a Pod Pro as a preamp, went into a power amp, and out to a 4X10 cab. It worked well. One sound guy said it was one of the nicer rigs he had heard in a while.


I chose to go another route after a while, but I go a different route about every month or so.


Anyway, it has been done and it does work. I think something like that may work better if you use a more "full range" type of cabinet set up. The modeling may be better through cabs that aren't "colored" for bass. If you DI into a good full range PA system, that would be great.

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