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Bass Player Tones


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Right now at the moment, whose bass tone are you really into, the kinda tone that jumps out of the song and hits you, but still holds down the botom? I have to say that my flavor of the moment is Rex Brown on the Down album, A Bustle In Your Hedgerow...at times the tone just takes me by surprise at how well it compliments the guitars and the drums while still having a CLEAR identity. There's proof what a Spector is capible of! I recommend the song Ghosts Of The Mississippi if you want to hear some freaky bass tone!

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The sound I got last night on stage. :D


Sorry you weren't there. It was a private party. :freak:


Mike Lull M4V bass.

SWR SM-400 amp.

SWR Big Ben 18" subwoofer

SWR Jr. Goliath 2x10" cabinet



9 piece band playing Motown and Disco.


Listen to some of samples on my webpage if you want an idea....make sure you have the volume all the way up. ;)

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As usual, I am into the tone of whoever I am learning. I finally learned "Galileo" from the Yellowjackets "Politics" CD. Jimmy's tone is sweet.


Last night, after I received my BP magazine, I started to work on Victor's "Amazing Grace" solo, so I am listening to his tone. Maybe if I had a Fodera.........


As with others, there's nothing wrong with my tone right now either.

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I'm really digging Brian Bromberg's URB tones from "wood". IMHO, that's exactly the way God meant pizz to sound.


Electrically, I really can't get over the bass tones from Fates' Warning's "Pleasant shade of Grey." They are very clear and piano-like. I suppose I'd also have to mention Vic Wooten, especially on "Left of Cool." Not nearly enough pop & slap bassists have the total domination of the lowest register; his tones are warm enough to be heard clearly but low enough to really drive a good set of woofers.

...think funky thoughts... :freak:
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I promised myself I wouldn't mention Jaco, because it's so obvious.


I like John Paul Jones' later tones, too, like "Achilles' Last Stand," where he breaks out the Alembic 8-string. I tried for YEARS to understand how the bass sound on Presence was so heavy, and then I saw a picture of JPJ onstage with that Alembic. Later, I read how he bi-amped his signal with that bass, sending the lows to an Acoustic 360 and the highs to a slightly dirty Fender Twin. Huge.


Greg Lake of ELP has a great, grindy Jazz/pick sound on their first album. And few bassists can rock a fuzz pedal like him, either. Of course, he was a frustrated guitarist most of his career, and damned underrated for the times he got to play one.


Tony Levin is the Man Of A Thousand Tones, and they are each and all tied for Best Bass Tone Ever. If Tony Levin is playing on a record, there's no telling what timbres will come out of that Stingray, but you can bet the farm his playing will be groovy, perfectly executed, and perfect for the song, and the sound of the bass will be right there.


Pino Palladino. Just typing the name makes my heart melt thinking about those beautiful fretless lines. He is one of those rare players whose name instantly makes his sound ring in your ears. Very recognizable - it's easy to tell when Pino is on the radio.

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Les Paul

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I guess if I had to pick one, it'd be David Hood,

he gets such a beautiful, full-bodied tone.

Just listen to "I'll Take You There" or

"Respect Yourself" (both by Staple Singers) or

Aretha Franklin's "This Girl's In Love With

You" LP, or Paul Simon's "Still Crazy After All

These Years" LP, etc etc.

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