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Taz super aggro...

doc taz

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Ahh, isn't going to the music store so much fun?


On my visit to Sam Ash at 48th St. today, I checked out some basses. I noticed a bass on clearance, and decided to try it out. "Hmm, nice bass," I thought. It seemed brand new, mostly as it seemed free of scratches. That means it's been sittin' lonely on the rack. :(


Ah, but not when the Taz comes to the rescue...


I decided to put this bass through its paces, and played everything on it that I could. I was enjoying myself so much, that one of the store employees told me to take a Valium! (Well, not really, but I did turn the volume back down a bit. I guess them wimpy store clerks can't handle some serious MESHUGGAH grooves. Too Bad. :D )


A few minutes later, my dad came back in, and also tried the bass out. He happened to like it as well, and popped the question: "Would you like this as an early birthday present?"


Man... How could I say NO to that?!?


The asking price? A cool $433.33 for everything.


Needless to say, Taz got this lonely bass a new home. :) Got a nicely padded gig bag, Dunlop Dual Design Strap Locks, and a strap.


The Bass? A Yamaha RBX765 in translucent green (you can see the wood grain):

*alder body with ash veneered top

*2 band active EQ with pan and volume

*two humbuckers

*easy access to 9v battery

*24 frets

*gold hardware


Some action pics with the new one:


CAUTION: Kids, Taz is an experienced thrasher. Don't try these moves at home. If you do, make sure your bass is properly equipped with strap locks. You don't want several hundred dollars of toothpick wood at your next show, do you?


Yep, this translucent baby rocks! :thu::cool:

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Originally posted by dcr:

Very Myung! :thu:

Same here, I thought those were pics of Myung for a moment!


Tazz - You go bro, love to see someone get into what there doin!

- Jon


You have the right to remain in the groove, any solos cannot be used against you, you have the right to snap and pop, if you cannot snap and pop, two fingers can provide the funk just fine.


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