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Ampeg SVT 4 Pro vs Mesa M Pulse 600

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I'll be the first to say it: Go and try them out. The tone from ampeg amps and the tone from mesa amps are decidedly different, and you may like the sound from one over the other. I've heard great things about both amps. The mesa received high marks from Bass Player a while back, I believe. Ampeg is pretty consistently high quality.


As for my personal preference, I really can't comment. I haven't given either of those amps a try, though I have heard both ampeg and mesa amps before. I didn't really have a preference at the time, though. Mesa sounds more modern, it seems, and ampegs have a more "old-school" tone, generally speaking.

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I just traded in my SWR SM 500 for the Pulse 600. I was very impressed with the sound/features of this amp when I tried it at Guitar Center . I was also looking for a new sound - I used SWR for 10 years - they get very high marks from me. I never had any problems with this line.


You cannot go wrong with Ampeg - I hope my experience with my new Mesa head is problem free.

The best thing for you to do is bring in your favorite bass and do a side by side comparison. You might want to throw the SWR 750X into the mix - just to make your decision even more dificult.


The Guitar Center in my area has the full line of Mesa?Ampeg/SWR bass gear set up . I played through a few of the set ups and they all sound great.

I see Paul McCartney uses Mesa bass gear if that means anything to you ?


I also traded in some gear for the Mesa Scout 12" combo. I have used that on several occasions and am very happy with the results. Good luck and keep us posted on your findings.



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