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Help with PC 5.1 bass management

Hey Mister

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Hi all, I recently purchased Logitech's Z680 THX surround multimedia speakers. Originally I inteded to run them through my computer's sound card, but decided eventually to set them up directly to my component DVD player. The problem is that neither the speakers nor the control pod have any sort of tone management, only separate volume for the sub, center, and surround speakers. The bass is too intense even on the lowest volume for the sub, it's really unbelievable and I have no idea what to do. They are not run through a receiver, they plug directly into my DVD player with a digital coax. I need to somehow manage the bass, but have no idea how?


Also i'm thinking maybe the shape and size of my apartment (small, hardwood floors) may be intensifying this, any materials I can set the sub on? Or anything else to help dampen the bass?


Thanks dudes!

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try looking through the manuals, and if that doesnt help, call the company's tech support and ask them.


I think if you play around with it more, you'll get it to work.


Or if you can't, you can become a Homie and blast that G-hetto rap music!!!

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