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hey guys

after reading the "way to welcome the new guy thread" i decided i would actually introduce myself my name is augo or thats what everyone calls me neways i play a pbass special and am in the throws of buying a new 5 string i am studying music next year so i am using wats left of this year to absorb every bit of bass knowledge that i can so i dont go in there looking like a goon thats about all neone would really wanna know i suppose (apart from im looking at these rockin 5 string cort basses neone know nething about em?)



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Originally posted by jeremyc:

Welcome, Augo. :thu:

Jeremy, either you're getting soft or it's too early in the morning for you to appropriately rip the new guy.


Welcome, Augo.


One hint; you will get more responses if you spell-check your posts and use punctuation. The posts will take less effort to read, and readers will be less likely to assume you're a lazy poster.

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Welcome, Augo. It's a pleasure to have you join us.


Another tip, try not to use "IM-speak" here. We tend to write out full words and phrases (w/ some exceptions). For example, use "anyone" instead of "neone".





Fanboy? Why, yes! Nordstrand Pickups and Guitars.

Messiaen knew how to parlay the funk.

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Welcome, Augo!


Spelling: check.


Punctuation: check.


IM Speak: I didn't know there was a name for that... now I really really really want to change my userid. NuB-bass is so, so, so dated!


-edit- Hey! What do you know, you CAN change the display name! And, it's retroactive.


Did we mention the "search" function?

- Matt W.
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Hi Augo - where are you from?


Jeremyc - be careful of that early rising. I guess school starting has confounded your metabolism!




Acoustic Color


Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground. - Theodore Roosevelt

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