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schecter c-5


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hey, im lookin to buy my third bass and im thinking 5 string. my first bass was a peavey milestone IV and my curent bass is a 4 string cort curbow. im really leaning toward the schecter c-5. $500. thats all i have. if you have any suggestions of a 5-string bass in this price range, let me know. i have ordered a schecter c-5 from musiians friend, but i have just been made aware that it is backordered till the sept 26th. so, i have until then to cancel my order. let me know what you think. if u want more details about this bass, go to http://www.musiciansfriend.com/srs7/sid=030912160917064006107050088222/g=home/search/detail/base_id/106333


thanks for your input.

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I personally like the ESP C-304 better than the Schecter...but not certain of the new price.


I have a Schecter. Bought it new, from MF, used it one month and there it sits in it's case

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Try looking at an Ibanez SR 405. This is my current bass that I use mostly. I got it for $480, but I dunno what it goes for now.


Also try looking at Carvin to see what they have. I dunno what the prices are.


Bottom Line: SHOP AROUND!!!!

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