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OT: Patch your computer now


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I've taken upon myself to let you guys know when important stuff gets released. 99% of the general public never sees or hears about this stuff until it's A.) too late or B.) until Windows Update prompts you to install a new patch. If you've got Windows Update configured correctly, you probably already have this patch installed. I'd check anyways.


MS released a new security patch yesterday that patches a hole that a hacker could exploit to execute code on a target system (that's bad).




Note that this only affects the NT platform (NT 4, Win2000, XP, Server 2003), all you poor bastards running the 9x platform don't have to worry about this one.


Go to Windows Update and patch your system(s) today. I would bet that within a month some hacker will have written a virus/worm/trojan that will exploit this security flaw.


That is all.

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Originally posted by Addix Metzatricity:

Yep. Windows Update told me 'bout it yesterday. Hope those who haven't updated yet hear about it... This could be the next MSBlast?

This could potentially be worse than MSBlast. Depends on how evil the hackers are going to be with regards to this security flaw.
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