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Top 50 bass lines one should know ??


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Originally posted by BenLoy:

click on the link that Scoot has imbedded in his post, and thou shalt be enlightened.

Of course, that's only our list. But we are the experts, right? The latest "list" in Rolling Stone should prove that. But that's another thread entirely.... :(
Ah, nice marmot.
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..or turn on the "classic rock" radio station in Your Town, Where You Live and learn everything they spin. Do the same with whatever other particular genre of music you dig on playing. You'll find that *most* open jam nights that are 'blues/rock' will be drawing from what's on the classic rock radio station. Well, that and a whole bunch of mindless 3-chord blues (and really, what's wrong with that once in a while?).
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