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cleaning pots

Drum  Bass

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Originally posted by pumpcat:

you shouldn't clean pot on your bass, you'll end up getting your strings all sticky. use an LP cover, or a magazine.



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Originally posted by Drum & Bass:

How do you clean the pots on your bass? I get a lot of static when I turn the knobs on my bass but no one have offered me a way on how to clean them. :(

I've actually been having the same problem as that when I turn my master volume knob. Was wondering what was causing that.
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I use Brillo when I clean my pots, but when I do it on my bass I get water all over the place....


But really - that spray stuff can get all over, so I've wrapped paper towels around it. I haven't tried spraying down the shaft (when the pot is still on the bass), but only into the side from within the cavity.


This goes back to advice in another post - turn your pots from time to time even if you don't have to....




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