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Slap practice methods


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hey folks,


i'm new here and i'de like to start by saying u guys are a great bunch of muso's i say this coz usually when u get a group of muso's together they are arrogant and full of attitude its great to see.

The other reason I am posting is because i am starting to formally study bass next year and i really wanna get my chops up for slap coz at the moment i am pretty woeful but i am not afraid to put the hours in to get it back up there i am reguarded as a really hard working bass player so if u have ne good suggestions i'de love to here them



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get the books- find some videos- i think SEEING a technique is EXTREMELY helpful.

Start simple- play IN TIME!! don't go crazy at first, don't go crazy at all!! i think few people other than bass players really want to hear machine gun slapping- make it groove...

think of your thumb as a bass drum and the plucking index finger as the snare drum- Work on learning to lay your thumb down at the sweet spot of the string where you get most tone and less junk-

start slow.. don't get too good and don't move to Vegas!!!! good luck! :D

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Check out:


Level 42 / Mark King - I prefer his later stuff with Gary Husband on drums.


Mothers Finest / Wyzard - Good late 70's early 80's Funk outfit. Straight forward slap/pop technique.


Larry Graham - The father of Funk.


Lots of others out there as well, but I believe the above will expose you to good tone and technique. :thu:

- Jon


You have the right to remain in the groove, any solos cannot be used against you, you have the right to snap and pop, if you cannot snap and pop, two fingers can provide the funk just fine.


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