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New Neck Problems


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This past summer, I refinished the first bass I ever had. Originally, the only original parts on it were the body and neck. However, I bought some Grover Titan tuning machines, and they required a bigger hole on my neck. So I grabbed the drill and had at it... and lets just say that I was on the phone with warmoth ordering a new neck 15 minutes later.


So my neck is here, but heres my problem.


The new neck is bigger than the old one, so the cavity on the body is a little to small for it. How do I fix this without screwing it up? I tried sanding the cabvity out a little, but it still dont fit.

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You rout out the heel pocket very carefully with a router, unless you also want a new body to go with your new neck. If you don't trust yourself to do it, just hire someone to do it. When it comes to things like this, just go ahead and spend the money if you don't realistically think you can do it right. When I put active pickups in my bass, I damn sure didn't make my own battery cavity - I let someone who knew what he was doing do that part.

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You may also want to check the scale lenghth. I bought a Warmoth neck for my MIM JazzBass 5-string. Guess what, it fit the neck pocket but it was a few frets longer than the old neck. Intonation problems would follow, so I bought a beautiful warmoth swampash body, put basslines ASB5's with 3-band EQ in it and I have a totally different bass than the Jazz. I'll call it Divine intervention. My wife thought it was some diabolical plan that I had cooked up though. HA HA HA HA...(evil laugh implied).




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