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I just bought a QSC RMX1450 (the first part in my new rig)... Ive been looking at some preamps and Id like some thoughts or past experiences with these...


- SWR Grand Prix

- SWR Interstellar Overdrive

- Ampeg SVP-Pro


Or if anyone can suggest something I haven't listed that would help too... :evil::evil::evil:

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There's been some extensive discussion on this, so a search might be in order.


Some brands to think about that I've tried out:


-Demeter (my favorite, VTBP-201s)

-Alembic (FAT)

-Read Custom (new)

-Kern (scarce)

-Aguilar (expensive and FAT)

-Eden (modern)

-Peavey (old and new, great buy)

-BBE (new, lots of knobs)

-SansAmp (different models, great buy, sounds solid)

-EBS (different, EXPENSIVE)

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You've gotten a lot of good suggestions already, including a nice summary listing from Maury. I'll probably repeat some of the names you've seen above.


If you want some overdrive capabilities, I'd suggest you check out:



Ampeg SVP-BSP (also has 2 channels, which can be handy)

Tech 21 SansAmp RBI


The SWR Grand Prix, which is no longer made but is often for sale used via eBay and other sources, has gotten a lot of good "press" on this board.


The Eden Navigator preamp is nice if you like the Eden sound, but it's got a little too much EQ flexibility for my taste.


I tend to prefer preamps with 3 EQ knobs (maybe a midrange freq select) and maybe a couple of switches or knobs for "bright" or "presence" or "deep". Examples of these would be the Alembic F1X, the Demeter VTBP-201, the Kern IP-777 (hard to get right now, a little pricy), and the Aguilar DB659.


Unfortunately, one thing that seems to be difficult to do is to go to a single music store and try out multiple bass preamps. That's a shame. Any opportunity you have to try out a preamp, take it!





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i've got an SVP and i love it, but the aguilars are nice too. just remember, ala the p.a. discussion a few posts ago, that you you only get out what you put it through. have a shitty power amp and you'll get shitty tone no matter what preamp you have.
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