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Victor Bailey's Bass . . . Recovered?


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Hey Everyone.


I was looking through a past issue of Bass Player Magazine (January '03, I believe), and noticed a little snippet about Victor Bailey's own personal Signature Fender being stolen. Was the bass ever recovered? Was the culprit ever found?



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Originally posted by Brooklyn Gear:

I reached out to Victor Bailey last night and he confirms that his Bass is still stolen.


It may still be floating around Houston.....



[newsflash from BP Mag]

And indeed it was still in Houston. After changing hands a couple times, once to the tune of $119 from a pawn shop, Victor has it back.

- Matt W.
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Originally posted by 40hertz:

instrument thiefs are not human beings.


i hate thieves too. i don't take my prised fender to any gigs because i cannot bear the thought of loosing it. it is a newer model but still it is my first real fender. i had to save for 6 months to buy it. i'll be damned it i am gonna put it in harms way. if they wanna take something they can take my 200 dollar ibanez. wait i put 150 dollars in pick ups in that thing. arghhhhhh!!!! :mad:
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So you won't play in public with anything but the cheapest thing you own for fear of it being stolen? Wouldn't you want to put your best foot forward?


If you're worried about your instrument getting stolen, get it insured so you will be covered if it's lost.


Go visit the websites of Music Pro Insurance or Clarion Musical Instrument Insurance and get your gear covered. The company will pay you the replacement cost if the instrument is stolen, and they may even be able to help you get it back.


My insurance on all my gear costs me around $100 a year. It's worth it.

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I have been using Clarion for many years..I have not neede there services to date but its very affordable and tax deductable ( if you claim your music income )



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