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Acme or SWR?


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I posted on the cab decision I had to make a couple of weeks ago. At the time I thought Acme was not a viable option, but I've now had some correspondence with Andy on this and they are a possibility, albeit significantly more expensive once you add on duty and shipping to the UK.


I bought an SWR Goliath Junior but can return it within 30 days. I'd have to pay shipping back to Germany though - about £48 ($77).


It's highly probable I'll buy another 2 x 10".


I like the SWR, but it definitely thins out a little on the B string. I can live with this, but it would be nice not to have to! One thing I'm not clear on, would adding another 2 x 10 improve the B string performance?


As I see my choices are:


Return the SWR, get my money back, and buy two Acme Low B's. The net cost of this would be around £550 ($880) (ie, cost of Acmes + duty + shipping + shipping of SWR less money recovered).


Buy another SWR which would cost around £430.


In essence, it's going to cost me something approaching $200 extra to end up with 2 Acmes instead of two SWRs.


Any thoughts on whether this would make sense?


(Sorry this scenario is so convoluted - it just is!)

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I have two Acme Low B-2's and I'm extremely satisfied. It will definitely fill out your B-string, but it won't have the same mid-snap of the SWR without tweaking.


If you're not happy now with the SWR cab, it might just get worse as time passes.


Is buying one Acme cab a viable option?


Hey, the worse that happens is you're out some cash, right? :D

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thanks for the reply. ordering one Acme probably doesn't make sense - shipping per cab would be higher, I think I'll definitely need two, and sensitivity differences mean that it wouldn't be compatible with the SWR (I've been reliably informed).
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Then go for it!


Beware, these cabs are FULL RANGE, so you'll actually hear what your bass and preamp sound like. If you want a good idea of what it'll sound like, record you bass through your preamp, and then use a QUALITY set of headphones to take a listen. That's what my setup sounds like, and I like it. :D


If you're used to that low-mid (~100 to 200 Hz) spike that normal bass-guitar cabinets give you, you'll miss it with the Acmes.

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I have 2 acme b-2s and am happy with them in every sense of the word. They really are full range and the benefit of them is any EQ tweeking on the preamp comes out correct out the speaker. Anywho they are well worth it!




but you need about 500 RMS for each one

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I kind of feel I might have bored people to bits with my gear problems, but just in case anyone IS interested I mailed my SWR back to Germany today and ordered two Acme Low Bs. The amount Acme of love around the board was instrumental in my coveting and finally ordering them.


I was a close run thing and difficult decision to make, in fact what tipped it in the end was that I realised my source had sold out of their special offer SWR Goliath Juniors and Son Of Berthas. That meant that if I decided I needed a second cab I'd have had to source it in the UK at a higher price than the Thomann had been selling them.


It's obviously a gamble, having not heard the Acmes but given the amount of informed opinion around here I'm (reaonably!) sure I won't regret it.


Now all I need to do is:


Get my Ashdown rig and Wal Custom sold.


Get a rack case for my Grand Prix and QSC.


Change the PUs on my Lakland from Barts to SDs.


Change my SWR valve to something a bit more upmarket


And hopefully I'll be a happy bunny with NO GAS SYMPTOMS FOR A LONG TIME!!

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Originally posted by wraub:

Plus, Acme always made the best rocket sleds and magnetic bird seed and stuff...





I had one of those sleds. I was the coolest 8 year old on the block. :D
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