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which instructional video on do you recommend?

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I have some of it and i found it very interesting, every time i look at one of those i learn something new.


The ones that i own are


1. modern electric bass (even if jaco isn't in his best shape is always fantastic listening to his approac to music)

2. makin music (carter beauford and victor wooten) they make the point on some ideas on many things turnarounds, improvvisation in various styles, the video is essentially the "makin of" of two tracks "zinergy" and "resolution". There is also a clinic from vic' bass camp and one from carter.

3. flea, i don't recommend this one, there is river phoenix as interwiever (that doesn't know why is he there) and flea that begins with "I know absolutely nothing about theory".... do I have to add something?

4.super bass solo tecniques from victor wooten, nice but not essential, once yuo have makin' music or live at bass day '98 you know enough about vic's playing (i mean it doesn't add anything more).

5. super chops for bass by beaver felton ... nice it's on slappin taping and other chops....super chops (check out the final solo on tapping, it's great and challengin to learn), this is a video that rock/metal fans will love

6. dave criegger slap&tap, nice solo but not essential to have

7. mark egan bass workshop, good video on styles and tecnique from a pupil of jaco, there are also great performances with danny gotlieb

8. modes: no more misteries by frank gambale, very helpfull to learn about scales and modes.


wich ones do you own, and recommend or not advise to?

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If you are interested in slapping, you should check out "The Slap Bass Program" by Alexis Slarevski.


My teacher loaned this video to me a while back and it was very helpful for giving me some new slap ideas. The video covers a wide range of ideas and techniques, from beginning to advanced, so my teacher and I could both find helpful hints from it.

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I'd add John Myung's instructional vid. Even though it may be aimed at prog/metal fans, it's probably good for bassists who want to play six string basses with ease, and acquire some endurance. Of course, the musical examples shown rock.


Dream Theater's shows typically run at least two hours, and this will definitely give anyone the insight to tackle technically and musically challenging material like theirs.

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I have


1. Starlick lessons with Louis Johnson. He starts with a solo on Sting Ray and comes down to explain his bass and then to lessons. This video made me to be a slapper. A nice video to own. A must have.


2.Vic. on Bass Day(dont remember which year) where Oteil Burbridge appears for a duet with vic.

This vid. I suppose tells all about Vic. like @ mentioned above. electrifying, spell bounding.


3.Jaco's video - Jaco with John Scolfield and Kenwood Dennard, interviewd by James Jamerson.

Most of those beautiful pictures appearing on covers on mags of Jaco is from this video. I love to watch this since its kind of getting close to him in a studio.


4. Shadows & Light- Jaco with Jonny Mitchel, a super show marred by idiotic cameramen who never head bass in their ears. They never noticed Jaco and you could hear heart ripping fretless bass lines at the background to the visuals of hippys smoking in the audiance or Mitchel or Pat Methney and trees.


5.Flea- with Chad Smith interviewd by.......dont remember. Good video. I learned his fast picking technique. Ya , like its said, most of the time there's this, I know nothing about theory thing.

Nice video to have. I bought my Sting Ray after seeing it in this video. Unfortunately my Sting Ray came without that beautiful mute pad bridge. Shit! A good video to have. If you are a picker, you can learn a little from this. He also demonstrates this FX 25 Bootsy Collins under water effects pedal. He says, you ve to do justice to funk or dont play at all So I bought the pedal to do justice to funk and now it resting in peace in a cupboard.


6.Billy Sheehan interviewed by Wolf Marshal, hmm..nothing much. He does not explain much of his tap in slow speed. He expects only fast tappers to watch this video. While talking, he cant keep his hands off the bass. He mess around with the fret board and get those artificial harmonics.. and I couldnt get any. I can live without this video.


7.Billy Sheehan in Japan with Dennis Chambers Niacin. I enjoyed Chambers playing and I can live without this vid. as well.


8.Mr. Big live in San Francisco- super video and I love the duets of Paul Gilbert and Sheehan. Amazing concert. Sheehan plays a beautiful solo as well. Nice one to have.


9.Learn to groove with Tony Smith Simple. Not complicated. No groove? give up the bass and techniques kind of advice. Ok video. Can live without it.


10.Abe Laboriel- old school techniques. Ok video. If you are hungry for more techniques and variety, this may not help you.


11.Kenny G live in San Fransisco- with Vail Johnson, I love the bass solo and his funky bass accompaniment. Super feeling, macho bass type with slapping and popping on open low D with Kubikis(Kubuki) Factor Bass. You would enjoy this, Im certain.

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