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First day at the university!


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So far so good, I love the atmosphere compared to high school, so much more relaxed. There was a whole load of information booths set up and heres one that caught my interest:


The U of A Musicians Club exists to create a forum through which campus musicians can network, communicate and socialize. The club provides its members with an active membership list, an office for meetings and storage, weekly jam sessions and a chance to initiate and participate in any club planned social events and activities.
For those of you joined clubs like this what was it like, and did it improve your groove?
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Glad to hear that school is starting out well. Sorry to sound like your parent, but don't loose track of the things you have to do - a bit of organization can go a long way to making sure you have time to do your work and time to have fun.


I never joined any clubs like you've described. I'm now playing blues jams, which is it's own "club". It's the same guys every week, every club I visit.


Your club sounds cool - I could see a group of you putting on a show, switching musicians/instruments in and out. Lots of school clubs do volunteer work (luchtime show at the local nursing home), and those can be rewarding.


Enjoy your new world!



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