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new stingray preamp

Jason Poff

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Does anyone know where I can get a new preamp for my '88 stingray 5? Mine had been dying slowly. First, I turned the bass gain knob all the way up about 4 months ago, and it hasn't come down since. The pot turns, but the audio stays the same. From that point 'til last night, The sound kept getting darker and darker. I didn't get it fixed because it was starting to get this really cool distortion whenever picked hard. Kind of like an SVT sound only direct. Last night, on a gig, The bass started spitting very low frequency spikes that actually blew a sub. Just a guess but something like 30 - 50 dB spikes at say 30 Hz. Does anyone have any knowledge they'd like to share about whether this pre is fixable, or whether I'd be better off just buying a replacement? And also could you share where that replacement might be bought?




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Contact Ernie Ball\'s Customer Service Department about the problem. It may be something simple that a repairman can fix...


Sounds like you may need a new preamp though. You can purchase a new one from Ernie Ball, or buy an aftermarket 3-band preamp from the zillion companies that offer one. Lots of people here like the ones made by Bartolini, Demeter, and Aguilar.


Seymour Duncan makes an aftermarket preamp designed for the Stingray that's pretty popular too...

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