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Any opinions on the Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass?


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What I like about this bass is its lighter weight and versatility, as well as its look. I'm partial to a Precision sound but would like the option of a Jazz sound if needed. I can't afford both a P and J bass. What are your opinions on this bass?

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I liked it. Yeah it's passive, so aggro players may find it lacking in the balls dept. But if you like a more vintage vibe to your tone, and don't mind a different look than the usual P or J bass (not to mention it is lighter on the shoulders when strapped on), it's worth it.


I already have a P style passive bass (Yamaha BB300), and an active Fender P-Bass Special (1994 Mexican model), so I won't need this anytime soon.


That being said, it's a good bass IMHO.

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