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the best sounding phaser pedal?


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I use an MXR Phase 90. Very nice, quite prominent midrange but it needs that to be heard doing its thang. Funky.


I've always wanted to try a Roland Jet Phaser but they're very hard to get hold of (and they're huge and my pedalboard is full). Apparently the Jet Phaser has a much thicker, slightly more flange-like sound than the Phase 90.


If you play a passive bass the rather poor bypass on the MXR may be an issue (the wet sound comes through at low level when the effect is bypassed) - however it hasn't been at all noticeable with my active basses.



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i like the small stone, and i also like my boss PH-3. for guitar. i haven't found a great phaser for bass yet.


i have yet to run into a phased tone that works particularly well on bass. sometimes i set the depth really shallow and the rate really slow to get a sort of ethereal sound, but my boss pedal runs out of lows that way. at that point, it's almost the same as a chorus, anyway, so it's not as much an issue.



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I second the MXR Phase 90. I have an old '70s model that sounds oh so creamy and thick. I haven't played with the newer re-issue, so I don't know if it has the same sound, but their other re-issues sound good, and they use a true bypass switching system.


I've also used a Small Stone and the newest Boss. The Boss is more versatile (it has more than one knob!) but the effect seemed harsher and more synthy sounding than either the Small Stone or MXR. I do like the Small Stone on other stuff like guitar and e-piano, but I think it sounds a bit hollow on bass.

-Matt M
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