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how did jeff pocaro die?


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Jeff pocaro was the legendary drummer for TOTO, he also did alot of studio sessions. Including the almost invisible drum track on "human nature" by michael jackson.


My freind told me that he died in 92' while watering his lawn with some kind of fertilzer attachment to his garden hose. The hose broke free and the chemical fertilizer sprayed into his face poisoning him.


Is this the true story?

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Well, it's kinda sorta true but not really. Apparently he'd developed a hardening of the arteries and other heart problems due to cocaine use, and he had an allergic reaction to the pesticide, which wouldn't have triggered a heart attack in a healthy person but due to his condition which had gone undiagnosed and untreated, it did.


There are a lot of conflicting stories about how much the cocaine really had to do with it, how much the pesticide really had to do with it, whether he'd already had a genetic heart condition that was undiagnosed... etc.

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I still have an Oberheim DX drum machine and understand that the sounds were sampled from Jeff's kit. Even though it's older and isn't midi the unit sounds closer to a real drummer than a lot of the newer high-tech drum machines.



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man, when Jeff played- WHAT A POCKET!! he had a way of hitting the snare just st the lst moment- the feel on th Toto ballad- "you know I wont hold you back now" (?) is so laid back , it kills me! i would have loved to play with him! what a tragic loss!

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