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Hey! Dave Martin!


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I visited your page and found out that you´re both a bassplayer and producer... That´s what I want to become too. How did you become that? Many years of school or "in the field" practise? (the producer part) And what sort of school in that case? I´m just curious... :wave:
Lol, my other user (wich I no longer can use) had 27 figures in the name... It was possible to register, but not to login! (MasteroftheGfifthfretDstring btw)
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Well, I became a bass player mostly by playing bass a whole lot, though I did play in the orchestra in high school and college. And I started producing acts by - I hate to say this - producing acts...


There isn't a 'producer school' that I'm aware of - But after 25 years of playing on sessions and watching other producers, both good and bad, I decided that there was an opportunity for me to try my hand at it. And since I'm the primary engineer at my studio, it's a fairly easy step from engineering to production.


Quite honestly, you simply have to bring acts into the studio to see what kind of a producer you can be. On one hand, it's simply a matter of figuring out how to make each song as good as it can be, and then getting the best possible performance out of the musicians and singers; on the other hand, there's a whole lot of 'business stuff' that you have to have together...

Dave Martin

Java Jive Studio

Nashville, TN



Cuppa Joe Records


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