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New toy on the way!!!

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Well, thanks to Ebay, I am now the proud new papa to an Avatar 2x12! It's the one with the Delta speakers. I know this will only make the G.A.S. pains worse for a while, but, I have needed a new cabinet for a while now. My Super Redhead just wasn't cutting it anymore. I will be getting a power amp very soon. I think I have decided on the Peavey GPS 900, but, that decision is still up in the air. Perhaps robb. can shed some light on these amps. I know they are based on the old Crest amps, but that's it.


I may be getting another Avatar cabinet and a nice preamp and do away with the SWR altogether so I don't have to run 2 separate amps. I'm looking at the Sans Amp rackmount for this.


Well, I'm off to wait for Mr. Brown Shorts to arrive at my doorstep.

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Hey cornbread, I've got a new toy or two coming as well. I ordered a Sadowsky onboard preamp and 2 single coil pickups. Should be here Friday. I also ordered a maple neck with maple board and pearl block inlays.


All this will be installed on my now fretless jazz bass. When I got my Carvin fretless 6 I decided I wouldn't be playing the jazz anymore, so I decided to make it more useful. I'll get a bit more use out of a 4, and since this is my "project bass" I thought I'd do some experimenting with a different preamp.


According to Roger at Sadowsky - yeah it's cool that when you call there Roger Sadowsky answers the phone and talks to you - I'll need to do some routing and drilling, so that should be fun.


It's always fun to have new stuff on the way.......very addicting.

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Originally posted by Addix Metzatricity:

Hey Cornbread.


Are you switching to 12s from 10s? I have a 4x10 now, but am listening to what people say about 12s.


Lemme know what you think?

Thanks, all. I have been considering the change to 12's for a while, but, I was hesitant. I saw this cab and it was a price I couldn't pass up. I'm going to try it in concert with the 10's and the 12's by themselves and see. I will keep you posted.


Warlock--my ears are still ringing, but I'm not sure if it's the tinnitus or just feedback still from the show. I'm not sure about the fretless. If I hear of anyone, I'll be sure to send them your way.


Steve C.--I've been thinking about the Sadowsky stomp box. I may just stick with the original plan so I can have some overdrive with the Sans Amp, but I may do both.


Hoagie--I've heard some great things about the AKG wireless. I may have to add that to the G.A.S. list.

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Sweet, looks as though I'm getting a new toy whenever I decide to actually buy the thing. Still kinda searching around. Thank God I don't have serious GAS :D .


I hope the cab plays well and blesses your musical career with great tone and kickassness :)

In Skynyrd We Trust
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