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Hooking up cabinets in parrelel and/or series


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I tried to find info using search but couldnt find what I needed.

I have recently been finding out exactly what my amp can do, its a SVT 400T. I think I get the parrelel thing, the amp has 2 channels with 2 outputs for each channel, so If I plug one cab to each output on the same channel that would be parrellel right? Now for series, I dont get it. I have a SWR Goliath II, it has an 'in' and 'out' on the back and I have an Ampeg v-4(it rocks) that has just one 'in'. Now, if I go from the head (one cable, speaker of course) into the SWR then out of the SWR into the Ampeg, is that 'series'? Which would double the omh load if im not mistaken.



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