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rack experts-please help!


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hello there...

i am the proud owner of a SWR Baby Blue head. :cool: it is a great preamp for live and studio aplicattions.

i would like to have it rack mounted.is there anyway i can tke it out of its original case and build it into a rack? :confused:

thanks in advance! :thu:

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I don't know about the Baby Blue head, but for some other freestanding bass heads, rack ears are an optional acessory. If such ears exist for the Baby Blue head and you can get them somewhere, that would be by far the easiest way to go. (I've also seen people fabricate their own add-on rack ears from scratch. Takes a bit of know how, but it's easier than transplanting all the electronics!)


Alternately, you can get a rack shelf. They make some specifically for the purpose of rigging non-rack gear into a rack.


Good luck!

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