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Anyone seen this bass before?


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Originally posted by xhawk4:

What do you thing about this bass? I want to get my 15 yr old Daughter her 2nd bass,(. Anyone know about this bass?




Thanks alot, (DCR, I know your not my servant but your help is always appreciated ;) .)

Hawk :thu:

I've never heard of that luthier. It looks like your standard P-bass copy with a DiMarzio pickup, but that price is steep for the unknown.


If you're really up for a P-bass, why not check out GC and get a nice MIM Fender? It would be cheaper and you can get your hands on it before you buy, which is always nice. Hit or miss, but if you get your hands on a good one, they can be very nice.

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it actually looks like a Mike Lull copy with that headstock. but anyway I agree that if the price goes up very much from that it is probably a bit much to spend on a unknown.


another comment: a jazz bass or P bass would be a great bass as they are pretty much the mainstay of the bass world. you should take your daughter to guitar center or any music shop that has a good variety of affordable basses and let her try out some basses. just play everything you can afford and get what feels the best. some people like jazz basses because they have thinner necks.

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Banta, thanks for refreshing my memory. I seen a picture of those Daisy basses a while ago, and while I can see the obvious yuck factor, there's something in me that wants one. Probably the heart one. My band mates would hate it though.


Another sort of novelty bass that hits my buttons is the "Ratfink bass", once again, I think it's better these ideas stay as ideas.



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Boy, on looks I'd give it all aces. That's a handsome instrument.


But yeah, I'd be too skeered to take a chance on it, knowing zero about it or its maker. Especially when there are a LOT of good options out there.


And hawk, it's all good. :thu:

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