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Rosoce and Elrick basses

Jay J.

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I have been looking around for a nice bass on the used market and have come accross a Roscoe LG-3005 and a Elrick Gold Stand 5. anyone have much expiearence with these two basses or ones like them. could you tell me any tone differences or playabiliy differences. and is there one that you would recomend for one reason or another. thanks.
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I have played one Elrick. It was a fine bass. I have never played a Roscoe. I cannot help you out based on personal experience.


I would recommend trying to get in touch w/ John DiMaggio at Bass Alone in San Diego. He carries Roscoes and is probably also familiar with Elricks: Bass Alone website here.


Jimmy Coppolo at the NY Guitar and Bass Boutique might also have some info, since he's worked w/ Rob Elrick to have a signature NYC Elrick made for his shop to sell: NY Guitar & Bass Boutique here.


Good luck.



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they're both of sufficiently high build quality and customer service (even when buying used these guys will support you and their work) that it's mostly a matter of aesthetic and preference.


that is to say, one is not necessarily better than the other, but one may be better for you. that's your job to decided, and i'm assuming that since you're interested in these guys, you're in a position to know why one might fit your playing better than the other.


it's a difficult choice to make, but it is yours alone. also, there's a lot of younger bass players around here who are not as knowledgeable -- or maybe just vocal -- on custom basses. the guys over at talkbass.com will tell you how great both of those basses are and how great they are for knowing.



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