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Crate TX15 Taxi (portable, battery-powered amp/combo)


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RE: Crate TX15 Taxi

(portable, battery-powered amp/combo)


Has anyone tried one of these? Opinions, ideas, impressions, suggestions? It looks like it might be intended for a guitar, but would a bass sound okay through this?


There's always a problem with power - and/or too many cords - when I play a small, local cafe. Also, I always wish I could play with accoustic guitarists during campfire singalongs. This looks like it might serve in both situations. I found a floor model for $139, so I'm tempted to buy it.


Here is the manufacturer's information:

Crate\'s TX15 web page

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As some of you know, I brought a portable Dan Electro guitar amp to use during vacation so I'll add my 2 cents on portable amps. If you're seriously hurting for space, then a portable amp is a great alternative to playing a bass with no juice. I actually ended up spending more time with my bass and guitar amp in the hotel than I did at the beach outside during vacation, which I sadly regret at this moment. I found I could crank the volume high enough to hear it easily with a tv on low volume and still not blow the amp up. Hell, I even detuned a whole and played without problems. I can only really complain about the tone. The really low notes sounded like a big slop of distortion that you could thankfully still hear the actual note. The only problem is this amp was seriously a "mini" amp. The thing was probably a little bigger than a cd player (albeit wider). Good luck finding a review, man.
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Hey, I have one and I use it for bass. It's one of the best purchases I've ever made, but my needs may not be the same as yours.


First of all, I bought it only to play with my band when they play acoustic away from power sources (around the campfire, out in the park, etc.) For that it's more than sufficient.


It's a great impromptu monitor, can support two instruments, an instrument and a mic, and has a rca line in for hooking a cd player up.


The bad news? It's not loud enough for anything beyond playing with acoustic guitars. It tends to distort on the low notes if you have too much gain (turning the volume on the bass down helps), and it's not the best tone for a real practice amp.


It comes in handy at the wierdest of times, though, and the band has thanked me for getting it several times. It came in handy as a recording monitor for me and one of my guitarists earlier this summer, as well.


Hope that helps.

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I have the Taxi TX30 that I use when I'm out in the boonies and want to accompany acoustic guitars. I tried an acoustic bass, but they required some kind of amp as soon as an acoustic guitar showed up. I tried my regular bass through the Taxi and was very impressed at the tone...and volume, for my purposes. The battery charge is amazing! I have played it for nearly two hours and it recharged in 15 minutes. They will also charge/play off of a 12 volt cigarette lighter. Mine is the original particle board series in black. I like the newer molded enclosures much better. Also, the Bass Bus looks good, as well. All in all, a great little amp that gives me a lot of versatility.



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