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Electric Upright Bass


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Hello All,


Recently I have been shopping around for a relatively inexpensive electric bass to take with me on a vacation I'll be going on, which has an emphasis in playing music in a new situation, city, etc. I haven't been totally psyched about this, as I am predominantly an upright player, but new that it would be impossible to do this trip with my upright. Just last night, however, I stumbled across an Ampeg Baby Bass and it got me thinking that maybe that would be a better/best choice to match my usual playing style. The only draw back in my mind was that a) the bass seemed a little heavy for someone who would be carrying it over distances more than a few hundred yards and, most importantly b)it did not fold down in any way-although much thinner in demensions, still very lengthy for travelling on a plane! The bass would have been perfect aside from these things. This leads me to a couple of questions.

1) I have seen electric upright basses that have detachable necks. Is there any way to modify one of these instrumbents to do this without hurting the sound quality at all? Just a thought, as this bass was pretty well priced

2) If not an option to convert this bass, does anyone have any info on a relatively inexpensive bass (read around $1500) with this option. I realize that paying more will get me a better instrument, but I'm thinking of this more as a second bass after my acoustic upright, although I would still really like a nice sounding and very playable instrument.


Thanks for the help



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music-man's suggestion is a good one. I have thought about one of those myself. I used to own an Azola BugBass and loved it. Still not sure why I sold it.


I don't think I would try to modify a bass to take the neck off if it isn't designed to do so.


I believe that one of the moderators here (Bob) has info on the detachable neck basses on his web site. Try:



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Originally posted by music-man:

Actually, closer to your price range:


Ebay CRS-5

Oooooh gawd the pain!



Anybody wanna buy a NeXT? I got a nice Alvarez 4-string Acoustic/Electric bass I could part with. How about this Ovation 12-string, it's a beauty! How about my roommate, I never use him and he can help your kids with their chemistry homework (kinda messy and eats a lot though!)

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Thanks all for your help so far. I forgot to mention one SMALL detail. I live in Canada, so a price quote of $1500 is more like $2300 to me. So, I guess I'm looking for an instrument in the neibourhood of $1000 US.




Oh, and I have never shopped around for an EURB, so if this is not a feasable, feel free to let me know!

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I have been a fan of the Eminence bass, but almost than 3 times your budget.


I recently played the new Yamaha, and fairly impressed with it.


I've not seen any EURB in the price rance you mentioned...but perhaps you'll find a seller.


Good luck.

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