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2 x 10" - Carvin or SWR?


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Originally posted by bc:

...almost every time you see a hip-hop or modern r'n'b act on Jools Holland there's some guy just getting a monster sound... it's very tightly defined without sacrificing lots of bottom end, almost a "shiny" sound, but any trills or whatever played on the upper strings come through with lots of definition and punch.

Sounds like SWR is just the ticket then - you should have said something earlier, we'd have saved you buying all the Ashdown stuff! What bass do you use?



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Alex the main bass I'm using is a Lakland 55-94 although the jury is still out on the sound because I haven't been gigging much and have been having amp problems. (Had it about a year). I also have a Yamaha Nathan East (which I love) and a 4 string Wal Custom (which I intend to sell on ebay soon to fund the new amplification).
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