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foot note :getting clipped at gigs


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back in the early 70's bands had a comradeship going on.(at least locally).im in my 50's now playing with young guys (got talked into it)and all i see is competition and shit talking,things have gotten ugly.maybe you young guys can shed some light on this .(maybe its just the area i live in maybe not)p. s. the guys i play with say this is the norm.i've been out of the loop too long man.
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I have some experience with young guys, too. They are very spoiled (I think that is a problem in society in general) and haven't "payed their dues" like some of us more seasoned players. Yet they think they are entitled to play, simple because they are maybe the best players from their college or whatever.


As a teacher in public high schools, I see this kind of attitude all the time. Many parents have quit parenting and tried to be buddies with their kids, raising nothing but spoiled brats. Not a good thing.


On the other hand, I am playing with younger guys right now (I'm 37, they are about 23 on average) but they have been around a bit and understand the "paying dues" part of things. I taught a couple of them when they were in high school.


There are a few good ones out there, but yeah, lots of trash talking and other crap goes on out there.

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I think it is too easy to just say it is an age issue...I am 25 and I don't talk trash about other bands...I can't believe that there were no jerks in the scene when you guys got in...


I agree with you guys that parenting skills have really gone down the tube and this has had a negative effect on the younger folks, but when you look at it from that perspective an indictment of the older cats can be made as well.

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