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Warwick RockBass electronics


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I have my eyes set on a Warwick RockBass Corvette Classic 5-string. Looking at it on Musician's Friend, I remembered it had active MEC Gold J pickups. The knobs on the bass control, as far as I know, are Volume, Bass, Treble, and Blend. Now I have never used an active bass, but is it a pain to use the 9V battery? Does anyone know if there is some sort of 'override' switch that can set my electronics to passive if the battery went dead? If so, does this bass have one? This is the last thing holding me back from getting this bass.
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Sorry dude, I own that exact guitar (with the delish almond burst finish?), and there's no bypass, you've got to unplug the puppy or the juice drains out of it. Only good thing is the battery does last a while (2 months of daily playing for me).
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