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ashdown or eden?

Helge Lund

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I'm considering to trade my Eden Metro in either an Eden WT-550 or an Ashdown ABM EVO 575

Both are great amps, both got features I'd like using. The A. is british, the E. is american. Is there any big difference in sound etc. Are there anybody down there in the Lowdown who can advise me?.....I'm going to use the amp together with an Eden D210xlt. I play blues/funk/soul (no slapping)


Helge :confused:

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You are in a good position either way. In my opinion, both are very nice amps. (Although I haven't played the WT-550, I have played other Eden heads.)


I think you can estimate what you will get in terms of sound from the WT-550 + 210XLT. This won't be too far off from your more cumbersome Eden Metro. If you're happy with the sound from your Metro, I would expect you to be happy with the sound from the WT-550 + 210XLT.


The Ashdown has a pretty cool octaver in the "sub-harmoniser" and probably has a less modern sound than the Eden. I really like the sound of the Ashdown heads. They've got an "old school" (or "ol' skool") flavor that I like, and might better match the type of music you currently play.


Another consideration: the Eden head weighs less than the Ashdown head. I could be very happy carrying that compact and powerful Eden to a gig in a soft rackcase!


Ideally you would be able to try both set-ups out. I'm assuming you've asked our opinions because that is not possible. I really don't think you can go wrong with either of those two choices.


Let us know what you do.





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