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amps and things


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hey guys


i'm looking at buying a new bass amp - a combo stylee - and have a few questions that you may be able to help me out with. i'm looking for about 100W maybe a little more


is the Ashdown electric blue series any good?

if so, should i opt for the 1x15", the 1x12" or the 2x10"+tweeter option, (all at 150W)? [about£350)

what about the peavey tko 115? with the standard speaker, or the black widow? (also 150W i think) [about £470]


if at a later date i wish to upgrade would it be sensible to

a) just get a bigger, better amp (possibly head+cab)

b)run a decent sized combo through another cab.


if i wanted to run a combo through another cab, what do i need to look for in the combo amp that i buy in the next few days? is it the DI output?


(this might sound a silly question, but be patient, i am still a bit green around the gills, but i will learn!)


thanks for any help you can give

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Do a search--there have been a LOT of threads about combos here, especially recently.


The speaker configuration you go for is really up to you. It's best if you can try out some different types to get a sense of your taste. You'll also turn up many threads discussing people's preferences around here.


I think I ought to open a store called "Amps & Things." :idea:

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