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Speaker Cabs - Do they have to be from "bass" companies?


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I am working on revising my rig.....again. Anywy, as you can tell from my other thread, I am thinking bi amped. At the least I am using an SWR Grand Prix preamp, some kind of power amp, and cabs.


My question is - do they have to be "bass" cabs? That is to say, do they need to be SWR, Eden, EA, Accugroove, etc.? I have seen some players using what seems to be "PA" or "FOH" speakers.


For example, Stephan Lessard's (DMB) web site lists Meyer cabs. I believe those are "PA" type cabs. (When I saw the band a couple weeks ago it looked like he had 3 Ampeg 8X10's.)


Anyway, any thoughts on this? I know greenboy had a thread relating to this a while back when discusing a rig using a "PA on a stick" approach in getting the lows to rumble the floor, but getting the highs up at "ear level" kind of thing.

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I think you could very successfully use some P.A. subs for bass subs for the low end of a bi-amped set-up. Even a nice powered P.A. sub!


I've played thru some P.A.s that made my bass sound like dog crap. I've played thru others that made it sound heavenly. The potential is there for you to have success with P.A. cabs for your bass rig.





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