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Dumb question #343: Do acoustic pickups work with phos-bronze strings?

Timothy Lyons

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Alrite, mostly for those who double on guitar out there:


Will acoustic pickups work with phosphor bronze strings? Since I started playing acoustic guitar, I fell in love with Martin Acoustic SP Phosphor Bronze guitar strings, and I've always preferred acoustics over acoustic electrics, and I'm looking at getting a cheap pickup. Will my strings work with the pickup?

\m/ Timothy Lyons
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I've got a Dean Markley pro-mag pickup for the soundhole of my Gibson Acoustic g*****r and I guess the strings are bronze, they're bronze colored anyway. Like a true bass player, I have had the same set strings on this guitar for many years.


And to bring the subject back to bass, I've got phosphor bronze strings on my ABG. That instrument has a piezo pickup so any kind of strings will work. One of these days I will switch bag to the TI Acousticore strings that I was using before, but why rush into anything?

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