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Anthony Vitti


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I'm planning to buy Anthony Vitti books, specially the finger funk workbook. Is there anybody that have used them and what do you think about ?

:( Any information ???


Thanks for the answer

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Hi Therion, I haven't heard of the books you are referring to. It seems no one else has either judging from the lack of response. My advice would be to check them out and then let all of us know what you think of them. You could post to the current "Books" thread with your review!


I look forward to reading your opinion of them. :)

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Hey there


Well I've been lurking around for a while but I figured it was time to chime in with my .02. THe anthony Vitti books are excellent!!!! I have four of them; btoh of the finger funk workbooks, the sight reading of funk rythms and the slap bass bible. I haven't used the slap book too much but the finger funk books are great.


I've found that some of the examples sound so much like recorded lines by the greats (jaco, rocco prestia etc). They're awesome for honing your reading (right up there with Standing in the Shadows). All in all I can't recommend them enough. Oh and if you get in contact with Anthony himself he is a really nice and genuine guy. Check it out. C-ya and keep up the low end



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