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BP give aways


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if you look at the fine print at the bottom of the ad, you will notice it says "Winner's List." It then states "To obtain the name of the prize winner, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to "Winner", Bass Player The Carvin Brawny Bass Giveaway, Music Player group 2800 Campus Drive, San Mateo, CA 944003, USA. By January 15, 2004.


The fine print always gets yah. Hope this helps.



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From time to time they print the winners in the mag. Usually its way way after the contest. I usually look to see if the winner is one of us (not that I can translate the name in the mag to everyone's id).




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Hello, my name is Matt, I am addicted to online giveaways. I haven't won anything. My wife got a free mousepad once.


My perfectly selfish point of view is: unless its shipped to my doorstep, I don't care who won. But sometimes I check to see where the winner is from - as if their geographic location is some kind of indicator of how close I was to winning. "Man, that guy in Dallas won... that's sooooo close!"

- Matt W.
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