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New Guy Here


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Hello all! I have just started playing the bass after 6 years of cello playing and love it!! However i recently moved and the nut jobs that moved the stuff droped my bass and the thing that the cord plugs into is now lose and dosnt always work. Any help will be appriciated



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The "thing that the cord plugs into" is called a jack. It is connected to the pickups with thin wires on the inside of the bass.


You should be able to open the bass and look at the wires and see if the connection has been broken.


If the bass works some of the time, it could be that a connection broke, but the wire sometimes still touches the right place some of the time.


This can be soldered back together.


If the jack cannot be tightened because something has happened to the jack or the threads, then you will need replacement parts.


All these things can be done by yourself or by a repairman.


Good luck and try to spell a little better next time you post. It is appreciated around here and will help you fit into the group better.


Your cello playing will help you learn the bass quickly. One major difference is the left hand fingers are much flatter in electric bass playing than the curved ideal of cello playing. The flatter fingers help with string muting.

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Hello MochaBoy and welcome to the Low Down Lowdown! I think that you will really like it here. Sorry to hear about your bass. I sounds like it may have some loose wires,minor problem don't worry! Take your bass to a competent repairman, your local music store may have one or will know who you can call. The jack (what the plug is called) gets a lot of wear and tear and it is not uncommon for the wires to become loose or disconnected. If you are handy with a soldering iron you could very easily do the repair yourself. I am sure that some of the other forum members will know of website which can guide you through this exact repair. But if you are in doubt take it to a repairman.


Welcome to the world of bass and I look forward to your future posts :wave:

Nothing is as it seems but everything is exactly what it is - B. Banzai


Life is what happens while you are busy playing in bands.

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Thanks for all the help. Regaurding the bass i have had it apart and there is one lose wire but it dosnt look like it was ever attached anything :confused: . If I can find my digi camera I'll take a picture and post it.
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Hey Mocha,


Welcome! Is there a reputable guitar tech in your area? Ask around and get some opinions. A pro may be able to fix that problem easily.


How do you like playing strings tuned in fourths?

The Black Knight always triumphs!


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from a man with most of his bass problem history involving the jack, beware of this:


tightening the ring on the jack on mid to low end basses (normally under 500, but it varies) will often twist the whole jack including the parts inside as the ring tightens up


what i had to do with my jackson c20 was unscrew the whole jack and hold the inside tight while i tighten the outside ring


when i was just an uninformed kid playing bass, i didnt take this precaution and snapped my ground wire in the bass


twisting for 2 years snapped it right before a solo piece at a talent show


i luckily had a friend who fixes vcrs and so he took a guitarists spare high e string and tied it to the broken wire, and then to the bridge, so i could play




open up ur electronics and twist the ring, see what happens!



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