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Heading South for the Winter


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I have decided after months of planning to leave my present day job :D and head to Florida for the upcoming fall / winter seasons to play bass full time. :D:D

My brother is a Florida resident and has a full schedule of work for me. I presently live in NYC.


The primary focus is to record a 10 - 12 song CD of original music and present them to the industry.

The plan at present is to record the live shows and review the tapes. We can adjust songs where needed. This should allow us to clean up the songs and get them ready for the actual recording session which is scheduled for Feb 04.

I am getting old 45 :eek: and this might be my last chance to do something like this...

I hope to meet the Florida Lowdowners during this trip ...I'll see how this post develops. I think there are a few on the board??



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Best of luck on this endeavor!!


I've heard you and your brother play, and you've got the tools for this.


By the way, are you selling any of your 647 basses to ease the move? :D


We'll miss you at Low Down events in NYC!



(he has some basses, but no, not really 647. Just more than me ;) )


Acoustic Color


Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground. - Theodore Roosevelt

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Thanks Tom


I am looking forward to this trip....


This is going to be our best effort and I would like to give it 100% - Not to mention the last time I will be able to do something like this. We are both getting old....


I might unload a large quantity of gear when I return - not sure about this - depends on my $ situation.

We'll miss you at Low Down events in NYC!


When is the next - I think I will be in town until Mid October.



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