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Highway one

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Hello again everyone, a mate of mine is looking for his first decent bass and has asked me to try the one he had his eye on. It was a Highway one Jazz bass, i played it for about five minutes in the shop before we realised we were late for yur train (which we missed) :o . Anyway i hought it was great but before i tell him to blow all his money out his ass on it i thought i'd ask your opinion on it first.


P.S My exam results are coming in soon which decide if i go to collage or join the army so i want to feel good vibes from you all. :)



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I'd say that as a "first decent bass," it is indeed a decent bass. I've only played one for a few minutes, so I'm no expert, but my impression was that nothing was missing, it didn't seem rinky-dink, & was very functional & good for the money. The only drawback is that it's exactly what it says it is: your basic Fender, nothing fancy. A more experienced player will probably find it a bit plain tonally, but there's nothing wrong with that, especially for someone who's looking for a decent, reliable bass.


It's the base (!) model, not the GT convertible. And not everyone needs the GT convertible.

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